Relationship Boot Camp

Reshaping Relationships

Divine Masculinity

Men who enroll will experience a paradigm shift towards the highest version of power and manifestation. Couples who enroll will have an opportunity to reshape their relationships to be resilient and empowering. Parents who enroll their families in this boot camp will equip their children early in life to to interrupt the cycle of toxic masculinity that leads to all manner of global issues.  Instead people of all ages and genders will be taught divine masculinity that brings greater well-being to their loved ones.

  • weekly meetings
  • daily assignments
  • body, mind, spirit
  • email/text with instructor
  • relationship projects
  • unlimited number of family members included
  • 3D Kids contests included

If we hope to belong to a healthy community that provides a sense of belonging, we must begin inside our own hearts and the walls of our own homes.

Relationship Boot Camp


This course is for those who are:

  • Raising a family
  • Planning marriage
  • College students
  • High school students
  • Children

We believe these skills should also be taught in:

  • Jails
  • Juvenile halls
  • Rehabs

If we truly want troubled individuals to be restored and become a benefit to society, we must provide a new path for them to take.

Never too young. Never too old to learn how to LOVE.

We seek to elevate the energy of the planet by elevating the energy within the family first, teaching each member individually how to treat one another. We believe that families must develop a strong and peaceful “nest” where the rising generation can reach their highest potential. We believe that to make real changes in the future of planet Earth we must re-think our plan for training the rising generation. What are we teaching our children through our actions? What are we imparting to our children through our words? Are we aware that actions speak much louder than our words? Are we teaching them that family connection is crucial to a better world?