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Life Challenges –

Catalyst for Personal Power

The page above provide a teaching tool and the page below a worksheet that will help us to process the challenges we are facing.  Until we realize that challenges are GOOD we will always be running from them. Challenges provide the path to enlightenment and instill in you the power you need for the next challenge. Running from a challenge never works.  It only means that another challenge will come up in your future that you are not prepared for.  If you think of facing challenges the way you face the batter when you are playing in the outfield, you will take an aggressive position with your glove ready, waiting for the next hit. This is why you play baseball!  You certainly don’t dream of playing in the outfield a whole game with no balls coming your way.  That would be boring and fruitless.

The real problem is that people don’t realize that life is a game, and they are busy trying to take a nap in the outfield during an inning.  Stand up, join the game, get your glove ready and take an engaged stance.  Then you will be ready for the next hit, catch the ball and win the game for your team.

Power comes in many forms.  Power over self is positive.  Power over others is negative.  It's that simple.  Do you want to spend your time with programs that teach you how to crush your competition, grab your piece of the pie and view every other person as an enemy to defeat?  Or do you want to spend your time developing your potential?  Do want to find your energy, your purpose and your passion?  Do want to conquer obesity, depression and anger?  The choice is yours and it's an important one.  One that will change every decision you make from this point going forward.

If you are looking for a path that will take you to the highest level of well-being and teach you how to help others do the same, you have found the right place.

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