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Training Global Transformationists to Build Global Well-Being From the Inside Out

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Collecting Research and Innovation

  • We have compiled youtube videos,
  • set up online discussions,
  • built an online course and
  • self-published books, workbooks, and music.

Why? To inspire the conscious community to find solutions to global issues and become Certified Global Transformationists.

We are compiling anything pertaining to the survival and highest well-being of our species.  We are continually adding and updating this information.  We are concerned about the destruction of the planet.  We are concerned about exploitation of the weak.  We have great concern and awareness of the struggle of those who are dominated or marginalized.  We believe that “crushing the competition” is an outdated belief system to be replaced by “working together for the common good.”  We are greatly concerned about those who are blind to the suffering they cause others. We are forming think tanks to find solutions that can happen quickly and do not rely upon the cooperation of those in power.

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Arcologies of Highest Well-Being

Global Well-Being is Built from the Inside Out

This artist rendering was found online.  Artist unknown.

Imagine if we designed skyscrapers for planetary well-being instead of the greatest possible profits? With self-sustaining indoor green houses that produced enough food, water, energy and shelter for everyone within a 50 mile radius, we could build this tower in the poorest places in the world and put an end to poverty all at once in that region.  In areas of extreme poverty, the tower could have a fully staffed hospital and rehabilitation center just to bring the population to a zero point. They can’t be expected to “carry their own weight” for a very long time due to the physical set-backs they have experienced, due to lack of basic needs, and due to the selfishness of those who take more than they give to the earth.

We believe that all of the experts that we need would give freely of their time and talents to make these skyscrapers happen. We believe that all the materials we need would be freely given. We believe that the construction workers and contractors, the medical and dental professionals, any and all that is needed would be given freely. These towers would help our malnourished brothers and sisters around the world heal and reach their fullest human potential in one or two generations.  Are you one of those who would support solutions that are within our own control, rather than waiting for top-down solutions that may never come?

We Focus on Finding Solutions, Not Problems

Ancient texts speak of a time when “every tear will be wiped from our eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”  We believe this prophecy could be talking about the conscious community that is emerging.  We are the generation of well-being that has been prepared to lead the earth into world peace, abundance for all and a restored planet.

We must gather and unite as humanitarians who will not tolerate poverty and inequality. No more can we continue to be a self-satisfying, self-focused people living a lifestyle that creates the mounting problems of poverty that require endless social programs around the world. We must reach for the next level up from so-called “freedom” to create a lifestyle of inter-dependence and cooperation. If we suppose ourselves to be successful while our “neighbors” in other neighborhoods or other countries go without their basic needs, we have a goal that is far different than the God we say we trust on the very currency we worship. We must set higher goals that include the well-being of every being on earth, not just our own. If not us, the conscious community, then who?

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